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Right to Sight International in San Antonio TX

Right to Sight was founded in 2006 by Kate Coleman MD, Consultant Eye and Oculoplastic Surgeon. She currently practices in Dublin Ireland. William E. Sponsel M.D. is collaborating with Dr. Coleman on her many endeavors to eradicate blindness in Africa, South America and the United States to enable us to reach more people abroad. Dr. Sponsel has set up the Right to Sight International fund in San Antonio TX.

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Right to Sight International
Right to Sight International is a nonprofit organization working to stop the
spread of treatable diseases that needlessly cause blindness in Africa and around the world.

Right to Sight International works with Right to Sight to help provide services to glaucoma patients who, without them, would surely lose their vision. With the charity, we're building hospitals, staffing them, and helping to create a sustainable model for them to continue operating in Africa.

We build the hospitals, teach and supply the surgeons, and give sight—and life—back to the people of Africa, South America and the United States through Right to Sight and Right to Sight International. As we continue growing, we hope to eventually help people around the world, especially those suffering with easily treatable conditions that go untreated such as cataracts and glaucoma.

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