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Mission of Right to Sight International

Right to Sight International and Right to Sight based in San Antonio Tx have been working to provide eye surgery to patients in the United States, Africa and South America. We work to build a self-sustaining model for charitable hospitals that is both profitable and charitable.

We don't sit on the money that our projects earn. All money is reinvested to hire and train new surgeons, more staff, or to build new infrastructure and help more people around the globe. Dr William Eric Sponsel travels to Guatemala yearly and performs a number of surgeries and eye exams on children and adults. He is also involved in numerous research projects that can and have resulted in better treatments for Glaucoma patients in the United States and abroad. 

More than half of Africa's population is affected by needless blindness, caused by treatable conditions such as glaucoma and cataracts. To solve this problem, we're training our surgeons in fast, yet effective, methods of surgery, allowing them to treat more people each year. We're also working to create a profitable and charitable model for glaucoma treatment and other vision services. This allows us to help those who need help, while still paying the bills.

Glaucoma and cataracts aren't the only problems in the United States, Africa and South America, however. Right to Sight is providing eye exams, glasses, and other vision care needs to help prevent all the eye problems we can. We feel that it is necessary for people to be able to see, and we're doing everything that we can to help them do so through our contributions.

Examining, Glaucoma Patients in San Antonio, TX

Over time, we'd like to be able to provide long-term bio-treatments, and perhaps gene therapy to help stop age-related problems such as glaucoma.

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